Music & Dance Courses, Perugia 2021

Henry Purcell – “King Arthur” semi-staged (excerpts)

Celebrating 10th anniversary summer courses in Perugia

organised by Accademia Amsterdam

Perugia (Italy), July 20 – 24, optional performance* July 25, 2021

for enthusiast amateurs and students: dancers, (choir) singers, strings-, wind-, and harpsichord/basso continuo players

Extra: choir singing and staging with “Stadhuiskoor” Utrecht.

The civic museum “Palazzo della Penna”, welcomes you.

Performances in collaboration with Festival “Musica dal Mondo”.

Courses Italian cooking and visual arts for partners and others.

Music & dance

Stadhuiskoor & Accademia AmsterdamIn 2021 it is the tenth time that Accademia Amsterdam organises summer courses in Perugia for music and art lovers. We celebrate this anniversary with a semi-staged performance of high-lights from “King Arthur”. When enough participants apply, we organise an additional performance on Sunday 26 July in one of the most beautiful “borghi” of Italy: Deruta*.

Everybody can participate at his own level in the semi-scenic performance. Whether you take part in the choir, as a soloist, as a dancer or as an instrumentalist, we will find you a suited way to join. Our skilled tutors offer additional master classes for soloists and instrumentalists. (Choir) singers can follow additional workshops to improve their singing technique.

The music and dance tutors of Accademia Amsterdam present you an enticing opening concert with chamber music by Purcell. The music and dance courses are taking place in Palazzo della Penna, located in the medieval centre of Perugia (or in a dedicated dance studio). The opera-performance will take place in one of the most beautiful halls of the monumental city.

We invited the 10-year “Stadhuiskoor” from Utrecht to celebrate with us. In 2019, it performed “King Arthur” several times in a simple staged version. Accademia Amsterdam collaborated with great pleasure. Singers who join this summer, will profit of their experience with the stage setting.

Watch and share the video here.

Duration of the course: 5 days (plus optional second performance*).

Who can attend?

We invite other choir singers to join the members of “Stadhuiskoor” Utrecht, thus profiting of their experience with the stage setting. For who participates only in the choir rehearsals, we arranged a very attractive subscription fee. This makes it possible to combine with extra voice coaching or Italian cooking / visual arts course(s). Choir singers could follow a part of the dance courses, to learn to dance contredances during the performance.

Summer Course AA 2018 01The courses are open to singers, dancers and instrumentalists. The experienced tutors of Accademia Amsterdam adapt to your individual level, whether advanced or less experienced. Participants of all ages are welcome, from moderately advanced amateurs to college of music students. Eventually, you can participate only in those part(s) of the opera, which are suited to your level, yet fully enjoying the performance.

To make staging possible, all (choir) singers should know their part by heart when arriving at the course. Therefore, we provide the vocal parts before 1st of June. It is not necessary to participate in all performed music.

We organise additional master-classes for singers who would like to perform as a soloist during the performance. Be it one of the main roles from the opera, or a smaller solo. We ask you to do an audition by submitting an audio fragment with a song by Purcell before 1st of April . Whether you pass the audition or not, you can always sing in the choir. We will send you a confirmation around April 15.

All instrumentalists can apply (strings, winds and harpsichord/keyboard players), but should be able to prepare and perform their parts properly. The preferred pitch is A'=415Hz. Ask us for solutions when you play only a "modern" instrument.

We invite dancers of intermediate level to follow the baroque dance courses. Choir singers are invited to dance simple dances. Dances may be chosen from other works.


While we mainly enjoy making music together, some time will be left to visit the historical centre of Perugia. We organize an excursion for all participants to an historical highlight of Perugia or to one of the "borghi più belli d'Italia". We promise an unique experience! (An extra charge may apply).

Italian kitchen

Of course we do not forget the good life: dinners are being served in the proper Italian way, on the terrace of one of a typical Perugian restaurant. All course members and their family, partners or friends can join them. Before the final party buffet, the restaurant will offer you a typical Italian ‘aperitivo’.

Side programme

We offer an interesting and varied side programme for friends, partners, children and other interested people of all ages. This involves classes in Italian cooking and painting/drawing. The participants of the visual arts courses may produce requisites and/or masks for the performance. During the course-week you can enjoy the dishes of the cooking course at lunch or dinner. Choir singers could very well combine one of these side courses at wish. Who participates only in the choir, can very well combine a side course.

It is possible to apply for extra days of individual coaching or to follow additional courses apart from the mentioned dates. Locations can be Perugia or Deruta (in Umbria). Prices are €80 (69£) per extra day. Ask us about the possibilities and conditions.

Where to stay?

Close to the course locations, in an antique structure, we find hotel Signa, where you can stay conveniently at a reduced price. Participants wishing less luxurious accommodation can stay at a camping site or in ‘ostelli’ in the neighbourhood or in the historic centre of Perugia. Very close to the course location are several affordable hotels.

Ricardo Barros, London: baroque dance*
Antonio Magarelli, Molfetta (Bari): singing/ensemble coaching & direction
Onno Verschoor, Amsterdam: (baroque) oboe/recorder/winds/ensemble coaching
Mariëtte Holtrop, Utrecht: (baroque) violin/strings*
Wilma van der Wardt, Groningen: (baroque) cello/viola da gamba/strings
Annalisa Martella, Rome/Perugia: harpsichord/basso continuo*

* = Only when a minimum amount of participants applies

Collaborators (“Stadhuiskoor” Utrecht)
Paul Krijnen, choir conductor*
Bas Keuning, stage director*

Henry Purcell – “King Arthur” Semi-staged (exerpts)
Celebrating 10th anniversary summer courses in Perugia.
When enough singers and dancers apply, we aim a scenic performance with dance. Otherwise, a concert-version will be performed.


Excerpts of the opera “King Arthur”, semi-staged. Dances might be taken from other works, to adapt to the availability and the level of the dancers.

Singers who want to sing a solo, should submit an audio fragment with a song by Purcell before 1 April 2021.

Particular advice about the repertoire and contents of the courses can be obtained from the tutors (see their e-mail addresses).

Sheet music will be available for downloading at this website from July 1 (singers: from June 1). After logging in, you will find it in the folder "Music Course Accademia Amsterdam". Also, a list can be found with the subscribed participants.
You are kindly requested to print and bring your own parts. Bring your own music stand (with your name written on it). To make a semi-staged performance possible, we ask the singers to get to know their part by heart.

When you are less experienced, you could eventually participate only in those part(s) of the opera, which are suited to your individual level, or which you were able to prepare properly.


English, Italian (partially), German (partially), French (partially), Dutch (partially), Portuguese (partially).


Tuesday July 20 to Saturday July 24, 2021 (optional performance Sunday July 25*).

Programme (preliminary)

It is possible to apply for extra days of individual coaching or to follow additional courses apart from the mentioned dates. Locations can be Perugia or Deruta (in Umbria). Prices are €80 (69£) per extra day. Ask us about the possibilities and conditions.


Perugia is easy to reach. You can fly to Rome, Perugia or Pisa (KLM/Alitalia/Transavia/Vueling/EasyJet/RyanAir). Then take the train (Trenitalia) or coach (SULGA) to Perugia.
All hotels and hostels are accessible by the "minimetrò", which departs from Perugia railway station.

We are glad to advise you with booking of your travels and with the transportation of your instrument(s). If you prefer full organised travel and sojourn by a travel agent at additional costs, state this before 1 April 2021 (minimum 10 travellers).

Note that those who are staying outside the city centre will need to be able to reach the course location(s) on their own, by car or by public transport.


Five (six*) dinners are organized (Tuesday – Saturday / Sunday*), participation at wish, €19 (17£) per meal. Final party dinner: €22 (19£).


You can book your lodging in hotels close to the course locations, hostels in the neighbourhood, or on a camp site. You pay directly at the accommodation. See our suggestions on the next page. If you prefer full organised travel and sojourn by a travel agent, state this before 1 April 2021 at your subscription (at additional costs, minimum 10 applicants).

When you book hotel Signa, you will get an attractive discount on the normal price, if you mention that you are attending the course.

Any questions? We are glad to help!

Choir singers (not following the courses) €195 (167£)
Extra voice coaching (for choir singers, in group) + €80 (69£)
Dance classes for choir singers and dancers of basic level (Contredances) €200 (172£)
For singers who have registered for the music courses, participation in the choir is free  
Course participants up to the age of 25 €295 (253£)
Course participants from the age of 25 €395 (339£)
Additional master classes (for participants – listeners free) + €80 (69£)

If you register before 1 April 2021, you will receive a 5% reduction on the fee of the course.
If you introduce another participant, you will receive a 5% (extra) discount on the fee of the course. (Only if you apply at the same time and applicable once and only for the introducer).

Students who study in Italy, receive 15% reduction extra on the total fee (except who is only singing in the choir). You need to show us your student card.
Reductions are not valid for who is only singing in the choir at the special reduced price of €195.

Fees are excl. travel, lodging and meals and including 21% VAT. No VAT-reduction possible.
Min. 16, max. 30 participants for the regular courses (music/dance). Choir-singing only: min. 12, max. 24 participants.
Course days and master classes do not consist of a fixed number of hours. The duration depends on the judgement of the tutors and other activities that are organized in a day.

Lodgings and Meals (indicative)

Hotel, 6 nights (double/single rooms) approx. €240/€360 (210£/315£)*
Hostel, 6 nights (dormitory/single rooms) approx. €110/€240 (97£/210£)*
Camp site, 6 nights (two adults with caravan) approx. €135 (118£)*
Meals (participation at wish, 5 dinners are organized) per meal €19/€22 (17£/19£)*

*price per person, directly to be paid to the hotel/hostel/restaurant

Tailor made Courses

Do the dates not suit you, and do you want individual treatment? Throughout the year we organise music, painting & drawing and cooking courses in Casa “Le tre Muse” in ceramics-town Deruta (15km from Perugia). They are intended for individuals or small groups of friends, who want to stay a couple of days to enjoy the inspiration Italy has to offer. Plan your music, arts or cooking course on the dates that you prefer. Teachers, who bring their students, can use our studio for free. At wish, we offer you interesting excursions and other activities. On this website you find more information.


Official registration ceases the 1st of July 2021 or till the courses are fully booked. Only in particular cases we accept later subscriptions. We will do our utmost best to take your wishes into account.

By subscribing, you agree with the general conditions. You can register on-line by filling in the subscription form. If you encounter difficulties, please send us an e-mail to or call us on +31 6 242 547 91. We would be glad to assist you.

Upon subscription you will receive an invoice. You can pay the fee directly with PayPal or credit card. Alternatively, you can pay by money transfer to our bank account. Take into account that your subscription is only confirmed when we have received your payment before the 1st of July 2021.


Bank Account

Accademia Amsterdam, Almere, The Netherlands.
TransferWise IBAN: BE36 9671 0636 2381 ● BIC: TRWIBEB1XXX

Addresses - Contact

Accademia Amsterdam
Onno Verschoor
(NL) +31 6 24254791
(IT) +39 334 5763313

Museo civico di Palazzo della Penna
Via Prospero Podiani 11, 06121 Perugia
+39 075 9477727

Hotels close to Palazzo della Penna
Hotel Signa (will give reduction)
Hotel Iris

Hotel Sant'Ercolano

Youth Hostels (ostelli)
Centro di Accoglienza - Ostello della Gioventù
Little Italy Hostel
Ostello Spagnoli

Camp site
Camping Il Rocolo

Ristorante Iris (dinners)
Via Marconi 35, 06121 Perugia
+39 075 5721382

General conditions

If you subscribe to the course, you state that you agree with our general conditions. If you book your lodging and travel from the Netherlands to Perugia with a travel agent, you need to agree with separate conditions. The organization of Accademia Amsterdam cannot be held responsible when our partners do not live up to their agreements.

For the Arts & Cooking Courses apply separate conditions and prices.


Ricardo BarrosHaving been awarded with the prestigious ARAM (Associate Royal Academy of Music) title for his ‘significant contribution to the music profession’, Ricardo Barros directs and performs with his innovative Mercurius Company in fully- and semi-staged concerts involving dancers, singers and instrumentalists. His published PhD thesis on 17th- and 18th-century French stage dances ‘Dance as a discourse’, has gained worldwide acclaim. He has been recently appointed the chairman of the European Association of Dance Historians, and featured on BBC4 documentary 'Dancing Cheek to Cheek' as a dance historian.
Recent engagements include Mercurius’ début at the Cadogan Hall in London; directing and choreographing a pioneering fully-staged Lullian divertissement in Brazil; concerts as a guest dancer with Dorothee Wortelboer's La Folia at De Doelen in Rotterdam, teaching in the annual ‘Enter-Baroque’ Summer School in Ormoz (Slovenia), performing a Forqueray solo harpsichord recital at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, performing (Baroque dance) in Utrecht Festival 2013, delivering his Lottery funded ‘Baroque Fitness’ programme in London and Devon, directing and choreographing a project of Iberian and Brazilian 18th-century dances (including the first historical reconstruction of the controversial Brazilian Lundu) with Mercurius and I Danzatori Palatini in Mannheim, and finally assisting choreographer Edith Lalonger in a pioneering Rameau project led by Jonathan Williams involving the OAE, Oxford University and Mercurius Company in a performance of Zaïs at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Future plans include Mercurius's debut at the Utrecht Early Music Festival, running his Lottery-funded programme 'Baroque Fitness & sounds II' in London and Devon, and concerts in the UK, Holland and Germany.

Antonio MagarelliAntonio Magarelli, born in Molfetta (Bari), is graduated in Piano, Music Pedagogy, Choral Music and Choir direction, Band Instrumentation and Conducting at the Conservatory of Bari and Monopoli. He studied composition and continued his study conducting and interpretation of the repertoire with Peter Neumann, Gary Graden, Nicole Corti, Javier Busto, Bo Holten, Paul Smith. He attended the International Academy for Choral Conductors and Singers in Fano and the Laboratory of choral conducting at the Conservatory in Monopoli. He studied singing with Claudio Cavina and Steve Woodbury.
He specialized in the interpretation and practice of the Renaissance and Baroque repertoire. At the institute “S. Cecilia” in Brescia attended an annual course of Semiography and Musical Palaeography and a Laboratory of Renaissance and Baroque music.
Antonio Magarelli is frequently involved as choir and orchestra director. He has participated as a speaker at the VI National Conference at the Research Center of History and Art of Bitonto (Ba) by publishing an essay on the Renaissance composer Agostino Scozzese. He edited the transcription of some of the works of Francesco Durante and two books of madrigals of Luzzasco Luzzaschi.
Antonio Magarelli directed the world premiere of two new works by composers from Puglia: the Passio Domini Jesu Christi Secundum Joannem by Vito Antonio Raffaele Cozzoli (1777-1817) and Inno al Sole by Giuseppe Millico (1737-1802), cantata for two sopranos and orchestra. For Digressione Music he has recorded choral works by the contemporary composer Francesco Lisena and the Passio Domini Jesu Christi by Vito Antonio Cozzoli with period instruments. Since 2007 he is director of the “Cappella Musicale Corradiana” based in Molfetta.

Onno VerschoorOnno Verschoor studied recorder with Adriënne du Clou and oboe with Koen van Slogteren at the Conservatory in Zwolle, the Netherlands. In 1984 he decided to specialize in the baroque oboe, initially studying with Taka Kitazato and then with Ku Ebbinge at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. In 1989 Onno Verschoor graduated in baroque oboe and historical performance, also obtaining his recorder soloist diploma with distinction.
Currently he is active as a freelance musician with many of Europe’s baroque orchestras, including Concerto d'Amsterdam, Telemannisches Collegium Michaelstein, L'Orfeo (Linz), the Utrecht Baroque Consort, Anima Aeterna (Brussels), The King's Consort (London), Das Neue Orchester (Cologne) and Accademia Barocca Willem Hermans (Rome). With the latter ensemble he performed in 2007 as a soloist for a CD of recorder concertos by Telemann.
Onno Verschoor performs in various ensembles specializing in chamber music between 1300 and 1850. He has collaborated on radio, television and CD recordings (RAI Italy, Dutch broadcasting companies, Mitteldeutscher and Westdeutscher Rundfunk, CPO Germany, Tactus Milano).
Onno Verschoor has been artistic director of Accademia Amsterdam since 1990. This ensemble has performed at festivals in France and Italy, and in concert series in the Netherlands (e.g. at the Holland Early Music Festival) and in Germany. The ensemble is also involved with chorus accompaniments. In 1994 Onno Verschoor co-organized a project to stage the Opéra-ballet ‘l’Europe Galante’ by André Campra. In 2002 and 2010 he made a CD recording with Accademia Amsterdam of dance music from the 17th and 18th century: ‘A Choice Collection of Dances’. The ensemble has collaborated on projects with the professional chamber choir Capella Frisiae. In 2006 Accademia Amsterdam was guest at Festival Solomeo in Perugia where it gave concerts as part of the Mozart year, playing the 40th Symphony. In 2007, in collaboration with Italian colleagues he recorded a CD of Dutch and Italian chamber music from the 18th century. Since 2009 he has focused with this ensemble on the rediscovery and recording of the cantatas by Handel’s teacher, F.W. Zachow. A CD of Christmas cantatas was released in 2010.
He founded the wind ensemble ‘Fiati Amsterdam’ which performs on historical wind instruments.
He is a teacher of baroque performance practice on baroque oboe and recorder, untill 2016 he worked at a Centre for Artistic Education in the Netherlands.

Mariëtte HoltropMariëtte Holtrop studied after her solodiplom for violin, baroqueviolin with Sigiswald Kuijken. Then she played regurarly with conductors as Philippe Herreweghe, René Jacobs, Gustav Leohnard, William Christie a.o.
She has been giving concerts as making CD's in several chamber-ensembles and has been leading several orchestras in Europe such as Orquestra Reial de Valencia, De Nederlandse Opera, Capilla Reial de Madrid, Currende and Utrechts Barokconsort. For twenty years she was leader of the baroque orchestra Concerto d'Amsterdam. At present Mariette Holtrop is concert master of Accademia Amsterdam, Camerata da Fusignano and Barokopera Amsterdam. She is giving reguraly courses and coaches the semiprofessional baroque-stringorchestra Sarabanda.

Wilma van der WardtWilma van der Wardt studied cello and viola da gamba with Ben de Ligt at the College of Music in Groningen, The Netherlands. She graduated with special distinction for chamber music. She followed courses and master-classes with cellists William Pleeth and Jaap ter Linden, and with viola da gamba players Jordi Savall and Wieland Kuijken.
For some years she was a founder member of l´Orchestre des Champs-Élysées (Paris), conducted by Philippe Herreweghe.
Currently she is, nationally and internationally, playing in a number of baroque ensembles and orchestras, such as Concerto d’Amsterdam, the Northern Consort, Accademia Amsterdam and the Amsterdams Consort, and appears frequently as viola da gamba soloist with many Dutch orchestras in Bach’s Passion music. In addition she plays on many cd-recordings.
Wilma van der Wardt has an extensive teaching practise for cello and viola da gamba. She is connected with the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen as coach Early Music.

Annalisa MartellaAfter awarded with the diploma piano, Annalisa Martella studied harpsichord with E. Giordani Sartori at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia of Rome, graduating with the highest grade. She has continued her studies of cembalo with Ferruccio Vignanelli, of figured bass with Domenico Bartolucci, organ with Flavio Benedetti Michelangeli and contrappunto with M° Bellandi. She has achieved the Diploma of Improvement with Christiane Jaccottet at the Advanced Conservatory of Music of Geneva.
As Master of the Harpsichord Annalisa Martella carries out intense concert activity in chamber and orchestral groups ranging from baroque repertoire to contemporary music. As a soloist she gave recitals at the greater Roman Institutions and at important festivals like Itinerari '95, Nature in Concert, the Italian Soloist, Mousikè at Bari, Baroque Festival at Viterbo, l’Architasto at Rome. She performs abroad in Spain, Switzerland, Jordan, Rumania and more. Her devotion to contemporary music lead to performances in the festival of “Nuova Musica Italiana”, organized by RAI - Radiotre and at Pesaro in the series of contemporary music. She has recorded contemporary compositions, specially dedicated to her. She made recordings for Radio Vatican and RAI TRE. On the label Tactus she recorded music by Baldassare Galuppi “Passatempo al cembalo”.
Annalisa Martella founded the quintet “Aphrodite Ensemble”, which performed numerous the concerts with classical and modern repertoire. She performs using a fortepiano original of 1835, as a duo with the guitar player Stefano Magliaro. With Marco Fornaciari on the baroque violin, she has executed numerous concerts and recorded integrally the 6 Sonatas for violin and harpsichord of J.S. Bach. Annalisa Martella founded and directed the Italian musical Association “l’Architasto”. She is teacher of Harpsichord and Historical Keyboards as “Master of the cembalo” at the Conservatory of Perugia.

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