Summer Courses 2021 in Umbria will take place!

This summer we celebrate the “Triumph of the Muses”

20–24 July in Perugia (Italy), Museo Archelologico, extra: 25 July in Deruta

Corso estivo Accademia Amsterdam a Perugia 2021 coristi italianiWe are pleased to announce that our summer courses can take place again this year. Especially in these uncertain times we believe that it is important not to give up on the things that add value to life. That is why we have done everything we can, to organize – Corona-proof – courses in Italy and make it a success. The connection between the music and the inspiring environment and between the 'locals' and the students make our courses an unforgettable experience.

Thanks to the passionate support of local organizations, including the municipalities of Perugia and Deruta, we can safely organize our summer courses from 20 to 25 July. The Archaeological Museum in Perugia welcomes us this year in the beautiful monastery building in which it is located. We can hardly imagine a more suitable environment.

The students are supported by choral singers from the area, including from the choir 'Girolamo Diruta'. The results of the courses can be heard in the most beautiful hall of Perugia: the Sala dei Notari in the medieval centre. The festive closing performance will take place in the historical ceramics town of Deruta. You will find the program in the attachment.

If you are going to miss the courses this year, it's good to know that we have great plans for next year too!

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