Support our musicians, hit by the Corona crisis

ImageCaptionUpdate 30 April: Financial contributions are still very welcome!

Watch the musical result here.

Many of our colleagues will lose up to half an annual income, due to the cancellation of the Passion concerts. In many cases musicians are not compensated for this by the Dutch government. It banned all meetings until 1 June (or beyond). As a result, all performances of concerts in The Netherlands have been cancelled.

Therefore, we launch this crowd funding on-line event. At one hand you can still enjoy a part of our (virtual) performance, at the other hand, you are able to support our musicians with a live contribution and a donation.

If you contribute in whatever way, we will keep you informed about the results. On behalf of the musicians of Accademia Amsterdam, thank you very much for your help!

UPDATE 13 June: the organisation of the performance of the St. Matthew Passion in Edam asked their public to donate the pre-ordered tickets to the musicians. Together with the donations and the compensation of the event insurance, we will be able to compensate our colleagues partly. It will take some time to pay, due to the unavoidable bureaucracy.

Donated April 30, 2020
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What do we propose?

We organise a virtual performance of the final chorus of the St. Matthew Passion, "Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder". We encourage every musician and (choir) singer to participate and send their individual recording to us by e-mail or WhatsApp. Be aware that we perform on baroque pitch: a1=415Hz. At the end of the week, from Good Friday, we combine all contributions in one track. The more people participate the better it is, we will mention them all in the credits. We ask the performers to send a picture (while playing or singing) as well. More versions are coming as more contributors send in after Easter.

We combine the audio result with a collage of the received pictures as background in a video and make it accessible for everybody on our website, YouTube and Facebook.

We will encourage public and amateur singers to donate to the foundation who supports the musicians of Accademia Amsterdam to compensate for the cancelled concert(s).

How does it work?

ImageCaptionBelow, we provide an mp3-track which you can download to your smart-phone or PC. This serves only as a kind of "karaoke" track to get all individual contributions in the same speed and tuning. At the end we will only use the combined contributions.

We provide a choral score and instrumental parts in pdf to print or read on your computer screen. You can find them here.

While playing the mp3-soundtrack from your computer over headphones or earplugs, you play or sing along whatever part you like to record. After you practised with this, try to make a recording with your smart-phone (or any other recording device). Be careful to do this in a quiet room and have the recording volume not too low or too high. The background track should not be audible on your recording.

You can record directly in WhatsApp as well, but we recommend to use a recording app. For instance free "MP3 Play and Record" for Android. With this app, you can even play the provided mp3-version of the final chorus and record your own contribution simultaneously and separately. In this case you don't need a computer. (Find and send the audio with the File-browser on your phone - click here for hints).

After your contribution is ready, send it by Whatsapp to number +31624254791 (Onno Verschoor) or attach it in an e-mail and send it to We can deal with mp3, wav and aac audio formats, including standard video formats.
There is no deadline, but the first contributions were published in versions on and after Good Friday. When more contributors apply, we will make more versions. The action will continue after Easer till the end of April. Musical contributions are now closed.

The result(s) will be published on our website, our YouTube-channel and on our Facebook page from Friday 10 April.

Don't hesitate to call or e-mail when you have questions. We will be glad to help with the technical realisation of your contribution(s).

How can I contribute?

If you aren't able to contribute in a musical way or if you want to do more, please donate as much as you find reasonable to the bank account of foundation Stichting Amstel Muziekproducties.

You can pay by bank transfer, or if you prefer to pay by PayPal or credit card, klick the button below. Mention "Donation affected musicians Accademia Amsterdam - Corona".

And of course, spread this action to as many supporters as possible!

Downloads and music

PLAY basic track St. Matthew Passion, "Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder"*

DOWNLOAD basic track St. Matthew Passion, "Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder"*

DOWNLOAD sheet music and parts St. Matthew Passion, "Wir setzen uns mit Tränen nieder" (Google Drive will be opened)

* = it is only allowed to use this music track as described before, publishing and spreading are not allowed

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