We thank our public of the Edam St. Matthew Passion

EdamAccademia Amsterdam and its musicians thank the people who supported with a donation. It helped a lot, especially to feel encouraged not to give up in these Corona times.

A great deal of the payments of the reserved tickets for the performance of Accademia Amsterdam on 10 April 2020, were offered to the musicians. Additionally many of our fans donated directly to the account of Accademia Amsterdam.

Some (choir) singers and musicians contributed to our on-line action, by singing or playing their part of the final chorus of Bach's St. Matthew Passion.

Listen to the result by clicking on this link. And, of course, donations are still welcome. Any amount can be transferred by bank wire: BE36 9671 0636 2381 TransferWise bank, Accademia Amsterdam, The Netherlands (BIC TRWIBEB1XXX) or directly by PayPal:

Thank you all, and we will be back in 2021 with new projects, courses and concerts!

Listen to a fragment of a live recording of our performance in Edam

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