Accademia Amsterdam offers a variety of  (summer) courses, workshops and lectures. Have a look at our scheduled courses or ask us to organise a tailor-made course, the way and when it suits you best. We offer on-line coaching by our experienced tutors, whether you are looking for pro tips or want to follow music lessons conveniently from home.

Courses in the "borgo" of the arts: Deruta, Umbria (Italy)

Compile your course or activities at wish, when it suits you best

by tutors of Accademia Amsterdam or your preferred coach

Be inspired by the medieval town and the artists of Deruta.
Enjoy the fantastic nature and panoramas.
Taste the delicious local cuisine and try the recipes yourself.
Visit historical cities in the neighbourhood: Perugia, Assisi, Spoleto and Todi.

An overview of courses we can offer
  • Chamber music
  • (Choir) singing
  • Oboe band
  • Painting & drawing
  • (Italian) Cooking
  • Ceramics tournament and decoration
  • Your own dream course...

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