Covid-19 in Europa May 2021We are aware of the limitations that the corona crisis imposes on our activities. However, just sitting and waiting is not the solution and that is why we are looking for responsible and safe options. Music and art practice are essential parts of human existence and Accademia Amsterdam has the task to contribute to this. We do this in the form of concerts, choir accompaniments and courses.

We follow experts who investigate the consequences of making music safely and other creative activities during the corona pandemic. Our decisions and measures are based on this, in the meantime respecting the advice and decrees of the authorities. An example of our response to the crisis is the on-line coaching offered by our experienced tutors. Take a look at our website.

We could imagine that you have questions and uncertainty about the possibilities and measures. Feel free to contact us, we are happy to give you more information.

Regarding our Summer Courses in Italy, we collaborate closely with the local authorities. In this way, we are able to provide safe and legal solutions, guaranteeing the participants a positive and inspiring experience. As of 1 June 2021, Italy is welcoming tourists and requires only a proof of vaccination or a negative antigen test result (which is the cheapest solution). Consult the official website of the European Union for the actual situation. On the website of the Italian government, the actual travel prerequisites are explained in English. Before travelling to Italy, travellers are requested to complete a EU Digital Passenger Locator Form (dPLF). Please, contact us if you want more information about the actual travel conditions regarding possible corona-restrictions.

If the courses unexpectedly have to be cancelled due to corona-measures taken by the authorities, the full fee will be returned, or your subscription will be valid for the summer courses of 2022.

EdamAccademia Amsterdam and its musicians thank the people who supported with a donation. It helped a lot, especially to feel encouraged not to give up in these Corona times.

A great deal of the payments of the reserved tickets for the performance of Accademia Amsterdam on 10 April 2020, were offered to the musicians. Additionally many of our fans donated directly to the account of Accademia Amsterdam.

Some (choir) singers and musicians contributed to our on-line action, by singing or playing their part of the final chorus of Bach's St. Matthew Passion.

Listen to the result by clicking on this link. And, of course, donations are still welcome. Any amount can be transferred by bank wire: BE36 9671 0636 2381 TransferWise bank, Accademia Amsterdam, The Netherlands (BIC TRWIBEB1XXX) or directly by PayPal:

Thank you all, and we will be back in 2021 with new projects, courses and concerts!

Listen to a fragment of a live recording of our performance in Edam

King Arthur – music of Purcell and contemporaries

21–25 July in Perugia (Library San Matteo degli Armeni) and 26 July in Deruta (Ceramics Museum)

ImageCaptionThis year has been the tenth time that Accademia Amsterdam organises summer courses for music and art lovers in Perugia. We wanted to celebrate this anniversary with Henry Purcell's famous opera.

We are happy that we were still able to organise these summer courses as planned, in spite of the corona crisis. Of course, a semi-staged performance with choir of Purcell's King Arthur would have be too complicated to organise. Therefore, we decided to celebrate in 2021 with an opera by Henry Purcell.

ImageCaptionUpdate 30 April: Financial contributions are still very welcome!

Watch the musical result here.

Many of our colleagues will lose up to half an annual income, due to the cancellation of the Passion concerts. In many cases musicians are not compensated for this by the Dutch government. It banned all meetings until 1 June (or beyond). As a result, all performances of concerts in The Netherlands have been cancelled.

Therefore, we launch this crowd funding on-line event. At one hand you can still enjoy a part of our (virtual) performance, at the other hand, you are able to support our musicians with a live contribution and a donation.

If you contribute in whatever way, we will keep you informed about the results. On behalf of the musicians of Accademia Amsterdam, thank you very much for your help!

UPDATE 13 June: the organisation of the performance of the St. Matthew Passion in Edam asked their public to donate the pre-ordered tickets to the musicians. Together with the donations and the compensation of the event insurance, we will be able to compensate our colleagues partly. It will take some time to pay, due to the unavoidable bureaucracy.

Donated April 30, 2020
€0,00 €3.000,00

iDEALOnze cursussen en cd's kunt u nu nog makkelijker betalen: via de vertrouwde betaalomgeving van uw bank, met iDEAL. Door op onze website een cursus of master class te boeken, of een cd te kopen, steunt u ook nog eens Accademia Amsterdam. Hartelijk dank!

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